On behalf of DeEtta Jones & Associates, we are so excited for your interest in CultureRoad™. All members of CultureRoad™ agree to our Community Guidelines and Subscription Policy. Please contact us at [email protected] with any questions.

Community Guidelines

CultureRoad is a learning community of people committed to having a positive impact on our work, organizations, and society. This basic and shared assumption should govern our interactions as we express ideas, engage in sometimes difficult subject matter, share practices, and invest in our own learning and that of others.

These guidelines for learning describe our commitment to you and what we ask of you. Your full understanding and demonstration of these guidelines is necessary to ensure a safe, engaging and positive learning experience for all of us.

1. Participate fully

CultureRoad provides a unique opportunity to focus specifically on your roles as managers, leaders, and agents of change. You have regular access to a team of experts and colleagues from other organizations who are all working toward many of the same goals as you: to learn, to grow, to make a difference. Take full advantage of the monthly live sessions and the comments in the modules. Show up and come prepared to share. Your voice is important; we want to hear it.

2. Explore new ideas

Allow yourself to take risks while maintaining your own level of safety. We want everyone to feel comfortable sharing at whatever level feels right for you. However, we also want you to be willing to stretch yourself and take some risks—that is where the rich learning takes place.

3. Balance advocacy with inquiry

There will likely be times when you will want to express your point of view on an issue. Please share it. Also, invite others to share their points of view with you and the group. Take full advantage of the opportunity to make your thinking available to others while being willing to interrogate it.

4. Share from personal experience

Commit to using “I” statements to share your experiences. Others’ experiences, thoughts, ideas, opinions, and behaviors are theirs. You can’t know how someone else feels, or what they should do or not do. Own your own comments to the best of your ability.

5. Move in, move out

We want to create a space for everyone to share. If you tend to share a lot in groups, perhaps “moving out” (giving the talking space to others) is a way to stretch your comfort zone. If you tend towards not sharing, perhaps “moving in” and sharing a thought or two is a way to help you stretch your comfort zone. We encourage sharing the space for all to engage.

6. Be open to new perspectives, and challenge your own assumptions

We understand that everyone here comes from somewhat a different perspective on how they view the world and specifically equity, diversity, inclusion, and anti-oppression. All that we ask is that for the time we spend together, you allow yourself to be open to hearing some new and possibly different ways of looking at the world and how it affects individuals differently.

We would like the discussions to center around gaining understanding, not trying to prove one person wrong or another person right. There are many different and valid ways of looking at the same situation. We want this to be an environment that welcomes and values the differences.

7. Take risks, lean into discomfort, and grant amnesty for mistakes

This needs to be an environment where everyone feels free to ask uncomfortable questions and make awkward statements. Without this agreement, everyone’s learning will suffer. We invite you to make the distinction between intent and impact, and extend grace for mistakes, even if the impact may be a bit clumsy and/or awkward.

8. Give us timely feedback

Let us know right away if you are having trouble accessing any part of CultureRoad. We want to make adjustments in a timely manner, ensuring that you have the highest quality learning experience possible. Please get in touch by posting in the comments below the relevant module or by contacting us at [email protected].

9. Respect and maintain confidentiality

Personal information or information that is specific to individuals who are present needs to stay in the session. Do not violate anyone’s confidence who is not part of CultureRoad. If you have a situation that you feel the need to share, do it in a way that leaves outside parties anonymous. Our suggestion is: “what’s shared here stays here and what’s learned here leaves here.”

Thank you for your part in making CultureRoad a vibrant community of growth.

Subscription Policy

On behalf of the entire DeEtta Jones & Associates team, we are excited to work with you! Choose from two, low-risk opportunities as you join our community of practice. 

As an individual, you have two options to join CultureRoad.

  • Monthly: When you sign up for a monthly subscription, you’ll have access to our product immediately with a 7-Day Money Back Guarantee. Email us at [email protected] to cancel anytime within seven days of sign up for a full refund.

    We do not offer refunds for monthly subscriptions. Cancel anytime, and you’ll have access to our product for the remainder of your monthly billing cycle. To cancel, log in and go to your Account Settings, then Billing Information.  

  • Annual: Save 25% on first-time, annual subscriptions with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. Email us at [email protected] to cancel anytime within thirty days of sign up for a full refund. Annual subscriptions renew at the current market rate for CultureRoad™. To cancel before your annual billing cycle, log in and go to your Account Settings, then Billing Information.   

If we can do anything to make your experience with CultureRoad better, please contact us at [email protected]. We value your presence and participation in our community of practice.

For groups of 20 or more, we can arrange a discounted annual rate based on your group’s size, just email us for more information! 

Refunds for group subscriptions are not available at this time.

We want your experience with CultureRoad to be amazing. We promise to bring If you need help along the way, please contact [email protected]. We’re eager to keep you in our community! Thank you for your partnership, and we look forward to seeing you at CultureRoad!